Welcome to the Minimalist Man of Color blog, a unique blog written from the perspective of a minimalist and a man of color. For the average person, this will be a new spin on a familiar topic.

Since this is a minimalism-focused blog I will not post here every day. In fact, you won’t see much of me at all, save the infrequent posts here and on Vimeo (for the times when sound and video express my thoughts better than words do). Instead, I’ll blog impactive posts to give you something to think about for a while. See, as a race (there’s only one race, despite what we’ve been programmed to believe), we spend far too much time tethered to an Internet-enabled device and I’m not going to encourage you to contribute to the problem. 

For those who’ve subscribed to the blog, I hope you stay on board and enjoy the content. If you choose to leave I’ll respect your decision. For new subscribers, welcome to the blog. I will give you something to think about, a reason to stay. Click the “Follow” button in the footer and you’ll be notified whenever there is new content.