Raw fruit constitutes a huge part of my diet as a plant-based alkaline vegan. The two most likely places where I consume the most fruit are in colorful, fiber-rich, artery-sweeping fruit salads and thick, calorie-dense smoothies that’ll put hair on your chest. A few of the staples in those items are the subjects of today’s photo story and the heroes of this grocery haul.

Alkaline Vegan Grocery Haul Bananas Walnuts Dates 3
Alkaline Vegan Grocery Haul

Baby Bananas: Naturally high in potassium, baby bananas help regulate blood pressure. This is a major concern for me because, as a man of color, I am in a high-risk community of individuals susceptible to high blood pressure (so I eat healthy to offset the odds). Baby bananas are a natural sweetener and thickener for my smoothies so I don’t need xanthan gum or carrageenan.

Walnuts: Excellent for the brain, loaded with good fats and minerals, and boosts your mood. I use these in fruit salads, stir frys, baked goods, and as a snack with apples or strawberries.

Dates: High in fiber, fights and kills parasites, and promotes regular bowel movements. Adding dates to my fruit salads and smoothies amplifies the nutrient and mineral count.

I’ve only summarized a few of the benefits of these amazing foods. You can do deep research online for granular details of each item to see how you may benefit from adding them to your meals.

You can find these items at ethnic markets and at supermarkets that cater to diverse customers. I live in New York City and am fortunate enough to buy these staples almost everywhere, although the nefarious side effects of gentrification have driven many of my sources for baby bananas further away.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know where and how you purchase fresh fruit. Is it commonly available or do you have to make a special request for your favorite items?