Mason jars are a kitchen staple for me. They’re useful for meal prep and for storing the smoothies I make and drink throughout the day. I use these for smoothies, juices, stocks, sauce blends, and many other uses.

This package of 12 16-ounce glass Mason jars included the typical metal tops used for canning. I prefer the plastic tops for long term reuse so I throw the metal tops away after a use or two.

I prefer to make my smoothies and juices at home because they’re superior in quality and taste compared to the commercial offerings that are expensive, compromised with preservatives, and likely have the exterior of their containers coated with microscopic filth from so many grimy hands touching them. That’s why the Mason jars are so valuable to me—I can store and carry my nutritious drinks and not compromise my health drinking the expensive food-like products sold in stores.

Reusing the glass containers and plastic tops also keeps plastic out of the environment more than if I were to buy smoothie drinks outside and throw the plastic containers away. Typically, I use five Mason jars each work day: three for smoothies, two for tea (Burdock Root or Sarsparilla, typically) or juice. That would be a great amount of waste I’d produce each year, but I don’t because I reuse my glass containers.

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