The Minimalist Man of Color blog documents the evolving lifestyle of a structured man of color, focusing on living simply and eschewing today’s materialist lifestyle.

My lifestyle as a minimalist man of color is a refreshing departure from the harried rat-race we’ve come to accept as normal. Instead of stress, reckless spending, following trends, complaining, social media addiction, and comparing myself to others I focus on self-care, satisfaction, mindfulness, and enjoying life lessons and experiences every day.

I’ll be writing about my observations as a man of color touching on topics such as diet, society, technology, image, and more. This promises to be a unique perspective, so please feel free to subscribe to this blog so you can stay abreast of what’s happening here. The content will encourage you as you contemplate a change in diet, a change in lifestyle, explore the benefits of minimalism, and take other empowering stances.

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