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Decluttering the Bedroom, getting rid of books

Decluttering the Bedroom – Parting with Books and Games

This past weekend’s declutter brings me a great amount of relief because I’m parting with neglected books and games that sat in my apartment occupying valuable space for too long (New York City apartments are small and space is extremely valuable). They were a visible and perpetual reminder to me that the money spent on those unused items could have been used for more pertinent things (like subsidizing a less fortunate inner city child’s school supplies, putting money on an inmate’s books, and buying wholesome food, for example). Those books and games represented hours of my life that I exchanged for money that was ultimately wasted. The time is gone, the money is gone, and the energy is gone. Continue Reading

Decluttering the Kitchen

Decluttering the Kitchen: Parting with Duplicate Dinnerware

Clutter accumulates, almost clandestinely, while you’re preoccupied with decorating, renovating, celebrating the holidays, living your life, or keeping up with the Joneses, those celebrated influencers of conspicuous consumption. You accumulate clutter during well-intentioned activities like accepting gifts or from holding on to an item when it’s well past its usefulness. Sometimes the clutter accumulates from shop-til-you-drop sessions and Black Friday sales. The reason for the clutter is not what’s important. Fighting the clutter is what’s important.

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